Friday, June 10, 2011

So Swings The Revolving Door...

I apologize in advance for the cryptic way in which I wrote the following blog, but it is in my best interest and the best interest of others to do so as such… regardless, I am confident that you will get the point.

Life is NOT fair.

Sometimes the people who you want the most, need the most, and think should and will be there the most, just aren’t. But, that’s okay. That’s the fight or flight moment when you are forced to embrace the greater side of humanity: the side where complete strangers can become your closest family... That’s what happened to me. Somewhere, in the midst of the humanity I often lose faith in, there are people like this who are selfless enough to care simply because they want to... Not because they have to.

It has been my experience that if you are persistent and you give any person enough time, they’re going to show you their good side. But when you can see their good side immediately, and more so than they themselves can, that’s when you’ve hit the jackpot. When those types of people work their way into your lives you need to pay attention and embrace the time you have to learn from them.

 Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes those people find their way into your life and stay there forever. But more often than not, those people come into your life when you need them the most, carry you when you can’t quite stand on your own two feet, see you to the next stepping stone, corner, fork in the road, what-have-you, and let you go… that’s when you’re the luckiest.

Because you are forced to appreciate the moments that you had with those people, the things that you learned from them, and who you will become as a result of their influence. It’s possible that you may walk away un-phased, which would be most unfortunate. It is my firm belief that every person who’s path you cross and who’s path crosses yours, has something to offer you. With every relationship, good and otherwise, friends or enemies, family or not, you have to opportunity to grow and to walk away changed.

I have crossed many a hurdle in the last few years, but not without the help of these kinds of people. Over these years, in the absence of the “text-book, normal family” I have been abundantly blessed with people in my life to fill in the blanks. Often times, blanks I didn’t even know existed. They know who they are… More appropriately, if you’re reading this, you know who you are… Most of them are still very much a part of my life, I’ve lost a handful, and I’m about to lose a few more… 

Nevertheless, I am not losing them in the true sense of loss… That’s the beauty of it. Lots of people will cross your path throughout your lifetime… But it’s up to you who you let stay, who you let walk away, and who you refuse to let go. I am merely departing from a crossroad in my life that I never saw coming… So swings the revolving door… 

I am the luckiest.

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